For as long as I can remember it, I’ve been drawing. Then one day a few characters started to pop out of my head and now they’re all over the house… causing hovic everyway the can. Below is a better history on how HTS Comics came to be… enjoy!



The History

How it started

Well it all started Jan. 23, 1995, when HTS (Hugo T. Saraiva) was just trying to get a pen to work by pressing it on one of his school notebooks, when he saw a pattern started to form. It kind of looked like a dinosaur at first, well kind of. It had a mouth that looked like a one of a dog. Two round eyes which connected to it’s wavy hair. A short time later he decided to name it “KIDDY”!!!

Then on Feb. 3, 1995 he came out with a new character, no memory on how that one was made. That character had long hair which splits from the middle of his head and ends at a point near the bottom part of his chin. And well the rest of it’s facial appearance is much too complicated to explain. He called it “MADDY”.

There had been some characters created by HTS and some friends a few years before but no date was logged, it was probably two to three years before. There were four characters. Their names were: Spike, Claw, Jason and Fred.

First Comic Series

The first comic series was only in a composition notebook similar to the one that the original MADDY and KIDDY were created in. It was called “The Kiddy and Maddy Comic Show”. There were two issues written out in that book at that time.

About two years after he found his old composition book and decided to re-start drawing some more comics. This time he called his comics “HUGO COMICS” and the comic series “MADDY AND KIDDY”! It included the two first issues which he had written before. Then a short period after he changed the name “HUGO COMICS” to “HTS COMICS”. He has stayed with that name until today. Then came the other series’…

Following Series’

The following series’ where not that many and didn’t get too far. They were called “Maddy & Kiddy”, which was already talked about, “The Skeletons” which included the characters from the Maddy & Kiddy Series, Spike, Claw, Jason and Fred. “The Poisons” which were a gang that were both good and bad, when they wanted. Then there was “HTS COMICS: Generations” which was all of the HTS COMICS’ characters all in one series. But none were as good as the “Maddy and Kiddy” series.

Then after about four years after Hugo started his first comic stories, he decided to make some more series. One of which he got inspired from the hit Sci-Fi Television show & movies “Star Trek”, he called it Space Voyages. It included many of the HTS COMICSª characters in it, but with only different names. It starts off with a space war in the 21st century. And the earth is at their last hope to survive. Its only hope is the Star Ship Viper, which was commanded by Hunter Thomas Smith (a.k.a. Maddy). Well then after a huge struggle three alien ships surrounded his ship and one shot through the weak Viper shields, and the poor ship took a noise dive towards the “Big Apple”.

Another series was “Wacky World”. A fun-filled little world filled with lots and lots of craziness.


HTS Comics was entering into a new world. With the help of his friend Sergio, Strecho & Elastico were born. Sergio originally made Strecho as just a comedic character. Then the two suggested Strecho needed a co-star. That’s when HTS Comics got into animation. Sergio created a lot of the original animations of Strecho & Elastico. Sergio shortly after created strange character which went around blowing things up, which he named “Bomb Boy”. Hugo shortly added some new characters, The Locos. These 3 brothers and their sister were on their way to find somewhere to live when they stumbled onto Strecho & Elastico’s neighborhood.

The World Wide Web

After the introduction of Strecho & Elastico and Friends… HTS Comics saw that they were ready to go online. With Hugo and Sergio’s knowledge of Web Designing the New HTS Comics age arose. It helped them organize a lot of their comics, drawings and characters… even old ones which they found hidden away when they were looking for things. And with the help of the web, HTS Comics can now be seen by anyone in the world.

New Era

In 2006, Hugo started producing Web Comics. These web comics consisted of all of the HTS Comics characters and he made them from June 2006 to December 2006. He also began work on Codename:Blind, which was planned to be only a cartoon animation series. But, with his busy schedule there wasn’t very much time to produce the animations. In 2009, Hugo continued doing the web comics once again. Along with the new web comics, came a few new Comic Series. Project G which is a crime investigative series, which he drew up at the begining of 2008. After a request of drawing for a friend, Hugo created another series called, “Monkey Tales.” This series was about a monkey which just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble.


Soon to come…