This is what Marissa went through on Monday. Got her professional photos picked up (if you would like to see them go to Then, we went to make her cry, well we all did, and holding her while they pierced her ears, yeah, I felt horrable. But, she made it, after about 2 minutes of crying she was all giggly again. And the next morning she awoke all laughing and giggling.
Loads of stuff still to do to the site. New and unnamed super hero comic is in the works. Also will be begining work on my childrens book projects, both for my project and for Katrina’s Poetry and Religious Children’s books. Yeah.. we’re full of ideas, but we welcome more! If you have any ideas, stories of your own please let me know. Also, if you would like artwork done for you… anything you want, I do commissioned work as well. Have a theme park mural that I will be working on this month, and yours could be next! So, until, tomorrow, or Thursday due to me being a day behind. Hope you enjoyed!