There’s been some new artwork that’s been started , besides the normal web comics work. A few comic book projects. One is the Maddy & Friends Series that’s been in the idea stage since last year. I has a little more reflection on work places, friends and a lot of fictional story line.

The next is “A day in the life of GiGi & Lil’ M”, the series is writen by Katrina Johnson and a little by me. This one is about how a young woman and how she looks on her life, and lives day by day then has to make serious decisions to earn money for herself and new born. While trying to make a little money on the side, she discovers that she has a special ability. Some sketchs of this comic can be seen below.

Another is about these former military men and women that were used in experiments, now their body chemisteries have been changed and infused with super human abilities.